I do what I enjoy and act out of my heart – this is my success formula.

But it was not always like this. I was not who I wanted to be and my job was not what my heart desired. Relationships just didn’t work out for me. I was trying with my business and failed. I lost my job twice.

It has been a long way of 10 years and not easy at all. I had my breakdown to breakthrough. More of them on my way. Personal and business ones.

But all those years my guideline was to be happy and successful. I knew deep down that I cannot live other way. And I started to search. I was searching, learning and implementing every tool I found. And if it worked with me, can work for you, too!

Can you resonete?

Today I’m Trainer and Coach. Especially Coach, because 1: 1 sessions are my favorite.

My clients are telling me that I have a soft, gentle energy that gives them feeling of security and allowing them to really open up. And this sense of security most of us need when we are in the process of change.

I love my work and enjoy in it, because I can see the progress that my clients achieve – in their wok and in private life.

First step on my path was Choice Therapy (William Glasser Institute). Later on when I was looking for some tools to work with I found NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programing. And I was so thrilled with all the knowledge and tools that I become certificed NLP Trainer and Coach.

Since the spiritual aspect is an important part of my life I am learning here all the time, too. I am a Reiki master and an intuitive archetyp counselor.

I upgraded all this with the Akashic Records Institute certificate as the Akashic Records Advisor. With Akashic Records I found what I was looking for – a library of all answers, of all the challenges my clients have.

Every tool I use for my clients, I have used for myself first. This is one of the reasons why I believe in my work so much. It simply works!

Or what Richard Bach said: ‘You teach best, what you most need to learn.’